Waves, 25 knots wind and lots of space ! !

Picture B.Biancotto
  The Ankoba Club

The association of the perfect spot and the the discovery of nature kept wild.

Located in Fort Dauphin the Ankoba club offer you to come share its windsurf
passion, surf and Madagascar all year around.

Ankoba : word from madagascar meaning "small rocky creek"

The Spot   

Wide and long sand bay opened to the alizes from north-east, sweeping the east cost of madagascar.

The spot of the faulse Gallion's bay is ideal for free riders.

Port side spot, Newbies and wave pros will enjoy the wind coming from the side shore

Picture B.Biancotto

Picture B.Biancotto
  Wind and Weather

Fort Dauphin benefits from alizes from north-east. Wind blows from july to march with a peek in september and november.

The alizes can be interrupted by a south-south-east wind for a short period of time.

It brings big waves and excellent surf conditions.

The graphic shows the monthly number of windy days

This one shows the monthly average temperature of water and air

The aquatic wildlife  

Dolphins are present all year round... 
We can spot turtles from december to march. 
In april you will meet basking sharks and whale sharks. 
As soon as july arrives, we can see whales going up to the Antongil bay, but from september to november is the best time to watch them: The females go down slowly with the babies while the males try to get their attention by snaping their fins and tails on the water and jumping. Meeting these gigantic mammals is always an emotion rush.

We offer to share these moments with you.
Maybe will you be lucky enough to get the nicest catch of the day,
to swim with dolphins or to hear the songs of the whales.

What about sharks? 
The question is on every lips.
The currents and tide of the bay of Fort Dauhpin keep them away,
and as locals say: "From what we know, no incident has ever been reported here"... 
so, no worries.


Contact France :
Bertrand de Guitaut
12 Les Hauts de Marisol
66650 Banyuls sur Mer
Phone/Fax : 00 33 4 68 82 57 24
Port : 06 70 76 22 76

Contact Madagascar :
Bertrand de Guitaut
Ankoba - BP 216
614 Fort Dauphin
Phone/Fax : (00) 261 20 92 215 15

E-mail : contact@ankoba.com

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