Wind Surf and nature

  The Material
With AHD and BIC boards and Neil Pryde sails, the center will let you
windsurf in numerous conditions.

Waveriding boards from 76L to 92L, Slalom boards from 110L to 135L
- Wave sails CORE from 4.1m² to 5.3m², ZONE from 4m² to 5.3m² and slalom
sails Raf Supersonic from 5.4m² to 6.7m²...

At the Ankoba club, there will always be a setup for your daily mood.

Ideal Conditions

The culb is in front of a beach break, a little technical to pass.
The sandy bottom with a light slope brings in waves that roll from far,
which makes it easier.
It's a very nice spot for initiation to waves without risks.

25 knots sideshore winds and best of all... nobody in the water !!!

Flat sea or big waves, lakes for starters, everything is in proximity. 


Picture B.Biancotto

Picture B.Biancotto
  From September to December

The season of wind, days with more than 23/30 knots are common.
It's also the time for Wave Riders, with the best balance waves/wind.
All that under a great sun and in a 25°C water... short pants and sunscreen
mendatory !!

 From January to April  

Winds are less strong, but the the waves are still there, it's also the
beginning of the rain season.
However, Fort Dauphin is at the limit between the dry and humid zones, which gives it a very nice climate.

Picture B.Biancotto
Italy Bay
Trip 4x4

4x4 journey.
A marvel, 30km from Fort Dauphin on a wonderful track.


The Ankoba club is also...
Leisure or Sport fishing, deepsea hunting or scuba diving, whale watching,
trekking and visit of protected natural parks.

See you soon


Contact France :
Bertrand de Guitaut
12 Les Hauts de Marisol
66650 Banyuls sur Mer
Phone/Fax : 00 33 4 68 82 57 24
Port : 06 70 76 22 76

Contact Madagascar :
Bertrand de Guitaut
Ankoba - BP 216
614 Fort Dauphin
Phone/Fax : (00) 261 20 92 215 15

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